Thursday, April 17, 2008

I don’t know how I didn’t put this the first time around! A totally fantastic and mesmerizing tune and absolutely classic Kannadasan lyrics. I heard this song when Yesudas came to perform in Coimbatore, in 1980. I instantly loved it. One of those songs that resonate with you, well, instantly. It’s from Aval Appadithan, a superb combination of Raja and Kannadasan, two geniuses.

Uravugal Thodargadhai

(Uravugal thodarkadhai
Unarvugal sirukadhai
Orukadhai endrum mudiyalam
Mudivilum ondru thodaralam
Ini ellam sugame)

Relationships are like a continuing story
Feelings are like a short story
One might end any day
One might continue from the ending of the other
From now on it’s only happiness

(Un nenjile baaram
Unakkagave naanum
Sumai thaangiyayi thaanguven
Un kangalin oram
Edharkagavo eeram
Kannerai naan maatruven
Vedhanai theeralam
Verumbani vilagalam
Venmegame pudhu azhangile naamum ninayalam)

There’s burden on your heart
I’ll bear it just for you
The corner of your eyes
Why are they wet?
I’ll change the tears
Sorrow may end
The mist may clear
Oh pure white cloud, let us be drenched in the renewed beauty

(Vaazhvenbadho geedham
Valargidradho naadham
Naalondrilum aanandam
Nee kandadho thunbam
Ini vaazhvilam inbam
Suga raagame aarambam
Nadhiyile pudhu punal
Kadalile kalandadhu
Nam sondhamo
Indru inaindhadhu
Inbam pirandhadhu)

Life is a song
The tune is growing
There’s joy in every day
You have only seen sorrow
From now there’ll be only happiness
Only happy tunes (ragas)
The stream merges with the river
Which merges with the ocean
Our relationship
Merged today
Bringing happiness.

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Ganesh said...

Please continue your posts. I have been frantically looking for many many months for the meanings of Kannadasan's songs.